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Tire Replacement Service

Emergency Tire Installation

Got a flat tire on the road or at home? Have you replaced it within the past 2-4 years? If not, its time for a new tire! Can not find or get a hold of anyone to help? Maybe your vehicle is parked irregularly and you have no tools or spare tire. No problem, Litty Rescue will provide a fresh tire replacement/installation service immediately for stranded motorists. We work hard in finding the best prices in the local area for new/used tires. All tires will include a mobile transfer of damaged tire, the research of best tire deal, and installation of the tire. Fast immediate drivers on call to get you back on the road!

How To Request Tire Replacement Service

Customer friendly pricing with speedy service! 24 Hour Roadside Assistance. Click the black "Rescue Me Now" button below and within seconds our dispatch team will contact you with eta of rescuer and cost of service.  Or call 402-882-2594 for immediate service.

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