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Tire Change D.I.Y

Please watch the video above to learn how to change a tire yourself.

Here are some basic, standard procedures when changing a tire safely:

1. Check for the spare tire. Please pull out the spare tire and place it near the area of the damaged tire.

2. Place the jack in the correct position to raise the vehicle. (Always on the metal portion of the car nearest tire. Hit the area underneath with knuckles to make sure it is indeed metal.) DO NOT RAISE YET.

3. Loosen up all tire bolts. ( Make sure they are easily able to remove.) DO NOT REMOVE IT YET.

4. Raise the vehicle with a jack until the tire is approximately 7-11 inches from the ground to replace it with a spare.

5. Remove all tire bolts. Then take the tire off. If the tire is stuck on the wheel well, just kick the tire with your foot. Make sure you are facing away from the tire and perform a back kick or use a rubber mallet and hit the inside of the rim behind the tire.

6. Replace with a spare. Apply all bolts onto the spare tire. Make sure you tighten them up until you hear a screech or click sound.


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