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Young Driver



1. Application 2. Screener Questions 3. Presentation Interview 4. Tool Proof 5. Video Proof 6. Contract Signing 7. Congratulations!

*Do not move on to next step until you have completed this step. Failure to do so will result into automatic rejection from opportunity. *


WOOOOOHOOOOOO! You have gotten all the tools to start working with Litty Rescue. That took a lot of determination and grind to make this happen.  You will use these tools on your daily journey of saving stranded motorists. 

Below, are the submission instructions for the video. Please click the Google Drive title to submit. Follow all instructions.


1. Go to GOOGLE DRIVE to submit your videos to Litty Rescue.

2.Look on the page for plus sign or  click "New. File Upload."

2. After uploading your video, on the left-hand side, click "Recent"

3. Click on the video. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on "the person with the plus sign" to share.

4. Send to In the message section, type your first and last name.

A representative will get ahold of you once the videos have been reviewed. Thank you for applying with Litty Rescue. We look forward to possibly working with you.

                                    TRAINING INSTRUCTIONS 

Now, you have gotten the hard part of the way. Let’s see you use those tools effectively to assist with all four tasks. Below are instructions on providing video proof of all services. Please follow them in the exact order presented. Failure to follow directions in exact order may cause a hold on your candidacy.



A. Pop the hood. Either you can pop it or the customer. Feel out their vibe. 

B. Place jumpbox on top of hood near opener and radiator. 

C. Apply the black(-) terminal to the black(-) portion of the battery. If not easily accessible, use a ground(metal) of the vehicle for black connection. 

D. Apply the red(+) terminal to the red(+) portion of the battery. 

E. Start your car. 

   2. LOCKOUT- 

A. Start by taking lockout kit out. Please make sure to grab the long stick, wedge, and airbag. 

B. Start by placing the wedge between the door and vehicle seal. 

C. Insert airbag until 60 percent of the bag is inside door. Tighten tube and pump airbag until you have just enough room to enter in your stick with wiggle room. 

D. Enter stick into spacing. Aim for unlock button, door handle or other unlocking mechanism on the door. 

E. Once unlocked, remove stick from vehicle. Then, always take the air out the bag second. We do not want to ruin anyone window or door frame when the door opens. 


   3. TIRE CHANGE - 

A. Check for spare tire. Please pull out spare tire and place near area of damaged tire. 

B.  Place jack in the correct position to raise vehicle. (Always on metal portion of car nearest tire. Hit the area underneath with knuckles to make sure it is indeed metal.) DO NOT RAISE YET.

C. Loosen up all tire bolts. ( Make sure they are easily able to remove.) DO NOT REMOVE YET.

D. Raise vehicle with jack until tire is approximately 7-11 inches of the ground to replace with spare.

E. Remove all tire bolts. Then take the tire off. If tire is stuck on wheel well, just kick tire with foot. Make sure you are facing away from tire and perform a back kick or use a rubber mallet and hit inside of rim behind tire. 

F. Replace with spare. Apply all bolts onto spare tire. Make sure you tighten them up until you hear a screech or click sound. 



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